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BrainlyOppa BrainlyOppa. Answer: 12,059 rounding to the nearest 10 - 12,060. 12059 Plus 8664 is equals to 20723 so when will it will be rounded to 10 it will give 20720. pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls mark it as brainliest.Jul 30, 2011 · Which of the following numbers when rounded off to the nearest thousand becomes 6 870 000? A. 6 899 700. B. 6 894 000. C. 6 869 900. D. 6 866 500. 6. ... 5 666 664. 22. The 10% fee is $26.664 or $26.66 when rounded down; Your net earnings are $239.98 ($0.02 less than estimated, 12 x $20 = $240) Rounding results in earnings slightly more than estimated. Example: You want to take home $25 per hour, so you charge the client $27.78 per hour. 10% of that rounds to $2.78 per hour. Let’s say you bill 12 hours. Your ... Our online tools will provide quick answers to your calculation and conversion needs. On this page, you can perform numeric rounding to 1-decimal place (nearest 10th), 2-decimal places (nearest 100th), 3-decimal places (nearest 1000th), nearest one, nearest 10, nearest 100, nearest 1000, nearest ten thousand, nearest hundred thousand and nearest million of a given number.

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Before the official adoption of the 7.62x51 as the standard NATO round, the .30-06 was the de facto standard round used by most European nations, even the amber amphibians in Paris. This round dates to that period of transition. It has a ‘K58 .30' headstamp and is in G+ condition with some fingerprints and light stains. Rishyap is a year round destination with great sights throughout. While in summers, Rishyap offers a pleasant escape from the generous temperatures in the plains, in the winters, its sceneries get an additional hue from the snow that takes over its peaks. Winters though will require you to wear as many layers as possible due to the chilly weather.

Round the point estimate to the nearest thousandth. 9) 386 randomly selected light bulbs were tested in a laboratory, 97 lasted more than 500 hours. ... $664.14 and a ...

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