How to delete a subform in access

In access 2010 database, I have a master form FormMaster and a subform SubFrm and I also have option group with two options optionA,option B on main form. what I want to achieve is when user changes the option ,I want to bind frmOpA to subform and when user checks option B I eant to bind frmOpB to subform FormSub To delete a subform from a form. You can remove a subform from an individual form, without disturbing other forms that use it. Click the subform area on a form. Choose Edit - Delete. Adjust the formatting if necessary. To delete a subform from a database. You can remove all instances of a subform from a database.

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FREE Course! Click: Learn about using the subform/subreport control in Microsoft Access at Get the comple...

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Feb 07, 2010 · To remove the customer from the subform, go back to form design view, select the field in the subform and delete it. Save and run the main form again. The field will now only show in the main form. 21 22. Create multiple subforms We can create more than one subform within a single form. Here I have a main and a subform. Feb 14, 2005 · Closing A Subform Feb 14, 2005. Hello, I need to close a subform to update the controls on it (deleting and adding), and without closing the main form; without using the "visible" propriety. Don't need a Subform? As mentioned, Access is trying to be helpful when it creates the subform automatically for you. However, if you don't need the subform, you can simply delete it. Just switch to Layout View or Design View, right-click on the subform, then select Delete from the contextual menu. Add a Subform to an Existing Form

I am unable to remove the horizontal scroll bar. Have set "CanGrow" properties to False in both main forma and subform. It's gotta be related to a Datasheet property value. or....Is this a bug ? · A form in datasheet mode will automatically display a horizontal scroll bar if the columns don't fit within its width, and hide it if the columns fit ...FREE Course! Click: Learn about using the subform/subreport control in Microsoft Access at Get the comple...

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