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Quit-Claim Deed This Quit-Claim Deed, made this ___day of May, 20___, by Barry L., a married man, whose address is 42 W. Village Lane, Ford, PA, 19317, Grantor*, to K. T. Levin, a married woman, whose post office address is 300 Marcos Drive #64, Hollywood, Florida 33160 of the County of Broward, State of Florida, Grantee*. Jan 06, 2020 · A Few Reasons to Avoid a Quitclaim Deed . A quitclaim deed is a written, legal document that outlines the transfer of ownership of real property from one owner to another. While this is usually an easy way to transfer ownership, it's not always recommended for the following reasons: A Quitclaim Deed Does Not Affect the Mortgage in a Sale. A ... A quitclaim deed is a legal instrument which transfers interest in real property from the Grantor to the Grantee. Think of the Grantor as the Seller and the Grantee as the Buyer. The easiest way I can explain a quitclaim deed is to think about the bundle of rights that you, as a property owner, may have.

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A quitclaim deed is a legal document that demonstrates the conveyance of the grantor's real property to the recipient, the grantee. The grantor can create it with information regarding the release of his right to the property so as to transfer the right to the grantee and terminate his ownership of the property. By State. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona.

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When two or more co-owners want to end their ownership rights in a piece of property, this type of transfer of title can take place by means of a Quitclaim deed. The co-owner will sign over his rights and title in the Quitclaim deed, and the deed should then be recorded in the County Recorder’s office. An exchange of money may or may not take place. An Illinois Quitclaim Deed conveys whatever ownership the Grantor has in the property to the Grantee without any warranties. Quitclaim Deeds are are commonly used when conveying real estate as a gift, when property is placed in a living or land trust, adding a spouse (or other family member) to the title, or to distribute the property as part of a divorce settlement. Nov 07, 2013 · QUITCLAIM DEED SAMPLE THIS SPACE PROVIDED FOR RECORDER S USE FILED FOR RECORD AT REQUEST OF John Smith WHEN RECORDED RETURN TO NAME John Smith ADDRESS P. O. Box 320 CITY STATE ZIP Seattle WA 98101 THE GRANTOR S John Smith for and in consideration of One dollar and love and affection conveys and Quitclaims to the GRANTEE S John Smith Jr. and Mary Smith husband and wife the following described ...

The deed’s grantor conveyed the property as part of a settlement of disputed fraud claims with the grantee. One month later,&nbsp;<i>the United States sued to invalidate the quit claim deed and to forfeit the grantee’s interest in underlying property</i>. Nov 11, 2017 · Quitclaim deeds in Texas are a release by the grantor of any claim, right, or ownership he has in the property to the grantee. While a warranty deed affirmatively conveys property, a quitclaim deed conveys only what interest, if any, the grantor has in the property. A quitclaim deed does not offer any warranty or promise that the transfer of ...

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